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The Advantages of Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

Over the years, hot water heating systems have changed tremendously. Some use electricity, others use gas while still others operate on solar energy. However there will always be a debate over whether instantaneous hot water systems are better than storage type ones. The truth is, instantaneous hot water systems have their distinct benefits and are widely used even today.

Here are some of the advantages of using instantaneous hot water systems:

Constant Supply Of Hot Water

It is a myth that instant or tankless hot water systems are not as effective as storage ones. Properly adjusted and sized tankless systems are very effective in providing an endless supply of hot water. The current day systems are different from the small heaters that were available 20 years ago and the new ones are very efficient.

Space Saving 

A tankless hot water system can be installed either outdoors or indoors and are wall mounted. These surprisingly compact tanks have electronic pilots unlike the open-flame controls of tanked systems. This means that they can also be enclosed in cupboards, closets or other small areas where a tank system would be a definite no-no.

Longer Service Life With Lesser Maintenance 

Once this system has been installed, it will last far longer than a traditional tank-based one. It is also easier to maintain. Conventional tank-based water heating systems last for 7-10 years while a good quality tankless one can easily last 20 years. Another important factor is that almost every single component of the tankless system can be serviced and replaced individually without having to replace the entire unit.

Tank-based systems can be very high-maintenance. The tanks tend to spring leaks at the most inopportune moments; the pilot lamp can blow out and needs to be relighted every time that happens. Over a period of time calcite deposits also tend to build up inside the tank water heater which does not happen with the tankless one as no water is stored in it. Tank heaters also start up with certain pinging or other noises as they start heating the water. On the contrary, tankless water heaters are relatively noise-free and maintenance-free.

Higher Safety and Convenience

Since instantaneous water heating systems have neither a tank nor an open-flame pilot they are considerably safer than the storage heaters which have the twist knob settings. Tankless heaters have digital temperature setting systems.