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Blocked Drains

Our Drain Cleaning Service

As with a lot of our unique services, we are constantly thinking of you the customer. We don’t just clear where the blockage is, we clean and clear in 15 metre sections and guarantee that section to be free of tree roots. Not only that, we charge a fixed price. No call out fee. No set up fee. No water jet fee. Just a simple affordable cost to get your blocked drain cleared.

Value For Money

We aim to provide value for money for plumbing services in an honest way with fixed prices where possible. If for some reason we cannot clear the blocked sewer we will give you an obligation-free quotation to fix the problem.

That Horrible Sewer - Gone!

Everybody knows, or can well imagine, how much inconvenience a blocked sewer line can cause. Sewers form the backbone of any urban drainage system, starting from our homes, running across the city and finally ending in the dumping point. The inherent problem with sewer lines is that they can get blocked or choked. Reckless dumping of waste matters into the sewers, along with intrusion of tree roots, result in sewer lines often getting blocked. When such a situation arises, expect trouble! The flow of waste matters will become slower, and in some cases, may be hindered to such an extent that they might flow back into our homes. The answer to such a crisis is Sewer Pipe Cleaning. However, it is something that is usually beyond the scope of the common man. What one really needs is a thorough and efficient sewer line cleaning service by experts. Our trucks are equipped with the latest equipment to clear even the most stubborn blockage.

Choose the wrong Sydney plumber and you’ll end up with a job half done.

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Other Services

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a more permanent solution without the need for messy excavation we can reline cracked, blocked and root infested pipes.


Whatever the problem, one of Purple Plumbing's expert plumbers can solve your problems of all things to do with water in the home or business