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Choosing the Best Taps When Renovating

When a house or a building is being renovated, the fixtures and fittings are something that you have to pay attention to. The styles and designs for these are so varied that it is difficult to decide which one you should eventually settle for. Looks are definitely a deciding factor but there are several others that you should consider before you buy the taps that you need.

Changing Tap Trends

When you go shopping for taps you will come across hob-mounted taps and mixer taps that come in a wide range of finishes such as chrome and steel and a wide range of colours too. Some also sport the classic antique look.

Interior designing trends are ever-changing and taps that were considered to be high-style a few years ago can end up being outdated before you know it. This is exactly the reason why you have must choose something classy but not too outlandish. Choosing the best taps is also about choosing quality and durability and this is a factor that you should be prioritising.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right kind of taps the next time you decide to remodel your home and have these fixtures replaced.

Maintain Equilibrium

Do not opt for the expensive and opulent European brands of basins, taps or toilets but don’t choose the cheapest quality either. Tread the median line and opt for a range that is easy to install, easy on the pocket and has easy availability of spare parts. It is best to opt for local brand fittings and fixtures. The parts are easy to come by and will be cheaper than looking for imported parts. In some cases these manufacturers also discontinue the manufacture of certain pieces and the spare parts are not only expensive but sometimes unavailable as well. In situations such as these the only option that you are left with is to replace the entire fitting.

Do A Rethink

Replacing kitchens sink or wash basin taps is not a very difficult task. But when shower mixers have to be replaced it becomes an altogether different matter as the fittings are concealed. It is best to replace these kinds of fittings when you undertake a bathroom remodelling project. Before you splurge on any kinds of taps remember its function and use. There are people who end up spending thousands of dollars on fittings alone

The Taps

Hob mounted taps have spindles that need a ceramic disc or a washer. Both have their pros and cons but ceramic discs tend to be more expensive. However, you end up saving on washer replacement. Washer spindles that tend to be cheaper need to be replaced faster as well. Chrome taps have been in vogue for a long time now. Avoid choosing cream, white or gold plated ones. They are outdated and the parts are difficult to find.

Basin Shape

The basin that you buy should also match the taps that stand above it or vice versa. There are recessed and semi-recessed basins and you can pick one based on the space you have. The bathroom vanity should also match the basin and the taps you pick.


When you choose anything for your home, also think of resale value. It is a plus to have good fittings and amenities in your home and good quality taps are definitely a good investment. Buyers do not want to go into the hassle and expense of spending on remodelling everything when they move in.