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Category: Blocked Drain

What Is A High Pressure Water Jet And How Does It Work?

High pressure water jets have revolutionised the way blocked drains are cleared today. Fast, efficient and with minimum damage to the surrounding areas, high pressure water jets are the new
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Shower Drain Maintenance

Add Power To Your Shower Drain Maintenance With These Easy Tips When water starts filling up around your ankles while you were taking a shower, you know it is way
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How Do I Know I Have Sewer Problems?

Sewer problems in a home are all too common and there are several reasons why these occur. Sewer pipes can either break or get blocked.  If left unchecked, sewer problems
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The Advantages Of Pipe Relining

Problems with plumbing, drains or sewage can lead to a lot of frustration. Repairs have to be fast and effective as delay can lead to flooding, water leaks or sewer
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How Do Tree Roots Get Into My Sewer Pipes

How Do Tree Roots Get Into My Sewer Pipes? Tree roots and sewer pipes are a match made in heaven – for the tree roots that is; definitely not for
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Blocked Stormwater Turramurra

A client of our was having major problems with flooding under their house each time there was heavy rainfall. Using our top of the range water jet we were able
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