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The Advantages Of Pipe Relining

Problems with plumbing, drains or sewage can lead to a lot of frustration. Repairs have to be fast and effective as delay can lead to flooding, water leaks or sewer back-ups. Traditional plumbing repairs mean expensive digging which is bound to cause some damage to your property. It leads to additional expenses as well. Pipe relining is an ideal alternative to this messy and time consuming job of sewer and plumbing repairs.

Consider the many advantages of the pipe relining method:


Minimal Property Damage

The recovery process of cleaning up and fixing the area that has been dug out for the pipe repair can be a very messy one. One of the primary benefits of opting for pipe relining over conventional line repair is there is minimal property damage. This trenchless method goes a long way in preventing damage to your well-landscaped garden, grounds and pathways.



As is the case with all other home repairs, cost is a factor that has to be taken into consideration whilst you are dealing with sewer and plumbing issues. At just a fraction of the cost of conventional methods pipe relining is the most cost-effective method there is. Not only will the actual repair be a great deal cheaper but you will also save on the recovery process and clearing of pipes as well.


Stops Leaks And Prevents Root Intrusions

The epoxy lining that is allowed to cure in the pipe gets moulded snugly into all the gaps and cracks and in effect it ends up creating a seamless pipe inside the existing pipe. This eliminates the chances of any further root intrusions or leakages.


Increases Flow

The epoxy relining increases the flow capacity. This is due to the fact that the lining creates a smooth surface inside the pipe. This is a great deal smoother than an old clay, concrete or cast iron pipe. Calcification deposits do not attach themselves to the epoxy material that is used for the relining and there are no obstructions or impediments at all.



When you opt for pipe relining you are opting for a sewer line that is more durable and will last longer than a conventional one. The return on investment with pipe relining is much higher and most homeowners find this a better option. No one wants to have to deal with the same problem over and over again. Most well-established companies will give you an installation warranty of ten years. This is something you should check in advance as conditions will apply.


Environment Consciousness

Pipe relining is a very environment-friendly procedure. It saves the landscaping and the ecosystem habitat around you from being dug-up. The relining process is very quick and this saves the environment from being exposed to hazardous sewer wastes.


Sewer pipe relining is the ideal way to ensure that your sewer line works more efficiently and gives you trouble-free service for years to come. Contact the plumbing experts in your area for a quote.

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