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How Do I Know I Have Sewer Problems?

Sewer problems in a home are all too common and there are several reasons why these occur. Sewer pipes can either break or get blocked.  If left unchecked, sewer problems can be hazardous to the health of your family and damage your property as well. The million dollar question of course is how do you know you have sewer problems?

Here are some indicators that will tell you that you have sewer problems:

  • Sewer backup in any bathroom or the kitchen: If the sewage starts to back up in the kitchen or in any bathroom in your home, check for blockages in the pipes. Also check if there is a backup in any one bathroom or all of them. This will help you in determining whether the problem lies in the drain or sewer pipe.
  • Foul smell emanating from an undetermined origin: A sewer backup does not happen suddenly. There are always indications like bathrooms, toilets and kitchen sinks that flood or smell. In most cases, clearing these out with a high pressure water does the trick.
  • Tree root intrusion: If you have identified that there is a blockage in the sewer pipe, check the area surrounding your house for tree, shrub and plant growth. In some cases, the roots of trees grow right into the cracks in sewer pipes and block them completely. This can be a very serious issue and not one that you will be able to handle yourself. You will have to call a plumbing service to get the drain cleared of the tree roots. The cracked pipe will also have to be replaced or relined. This kind of an issue is pretty common and the first indication is always a sewer pipe leak


When it comes to sewer problems, having them fixed as soon as you notice them is the best way to save yourself a lot of time, trouble and expense in the future. Call in sewer experts to isolate the issue and attend to it immediately.

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